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Organ talk

Organ Talk (2011)

Commissioned by the Fonds Podiumkunsten for Leo van Doeselaar.

In the four pieces which form Organ Talk I have striven for light-footedness and transparency, for music that you can easily enter as it were with your ears but also easily leave. My preference was for unorthodox registrations. I sought out unusual combinations of ‘heavenly’ little flutes next to for example moody, squawking bassoons. Dialectic plays an important role. The material for these ‘disputes’ might seem uncomplicated, but is often complex because of its polyphonic structuring which makes appearances deceptive: the organist has his hands full. I like to elevate musical archetypes to the basis of a work, such as the tremolo in Pipe Talk (seldom heard on organ) and the grace note and slide in Shop Talk. In Pep Talk I was inspired by motifs from Central Africa.

      Pipe talk, 3'44
      Pep talk, 4'53
      Small talk, 3'50
      Shop talk, 4'04

The premier performance took place July 4 2012 on the Strümphler organ in the Eusebius Church at Arnhem.
Eusebius-Kerk-Arnhem-buiten Eusebius-Kerk-Arnhem-orgel