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Hand over hand

Hand over hand (1986-1988)

Handen thuis

I wrote this collection of simple piano pieces in ascending level of difficulty together with jazz pianist Bert van den Brink while I was still giving lessons at a Music School.

I was dissatisfied with existing beginner’s books, which were focused on children rather than adult beginners. We tried for great versatility and handiness. Everything gets a chance: changes of meter, improvisations, cluster techniques, spatial notation, pieces in classical and modern style. Pupils learn to cover the whole keyboard. Thinking from middle C is avoided as much as possible.

We don’t pretend to have written a beginner’s method but more a collection that serves as a supplement to existing methods. All the pieces selected for this book were extensively tested with young and adult students.

Published by Broekmans & van Poppel.

Read the review published in Pianobulletin…

‘This is a wonderful book to keep near at hand. A little girl who was having trouble reading notes was able to capture everyone’s attention at recitals. And also: the invitation to improvise: take the left hand of a song and the hand position of the right hand, and make up your own song. I’ve owned it for years! Great book to have at hand.’ Read here more reactions of members of the European Piano Teachers Association in response to the news that recordings of all the compositions are posted on this website.

      1. Intoetsen I (Key in I) (4 hands)
      2. Intoetsen II (Key in II) (4 hands)
      3. Boris (4 hands)
      4. Wals (Waltz) (4 hands)
      5. Volksvermaak I (Entertainment I) (4 hands)
      6. Passacaglia I (4 hands)
      7. Summer-Night (4 hands)
      8. Slow and Blue
      9. Passacaglia II
      10. Bagatel (Bagatelle)
      11. Afstand (Distance)
      12. Apart (Clash)
      13. Bagatel (Bagatelle)
      14. Danse sauvage (Wild mens' dance)
      15. Droom (Dream)
      16.Mijmering (Musing)
      17. Beweging (Movement)
      18. Tristesse (Sadness)
      19. Drang (Drive)
      20. Herfst (Autumn)
      21. Kromme vingers (Twisted fingers) (4 hands)
      22. Druppels (Drops)
      23. Tijdsverschil (Time difference) (4 hands)
      24. Pedaal (Pedal)
      25. Akkoord (Chord)
      26. Luie botten (Lazy bones)
      27. Verlangen (Longing)
      28. Ruisende oude eiken (Rustling old oaks)
      29. Volksvermaak II (Entertainment II)
      30. Witte toetsen clusters (White note clusters)
      31. Life goes on
      32. Sinister
      33. Etude (Study)
      34. Hommage (Homage) (4 hands)
      35. Eindeloze nacht (Endless night)
      36. Promenade
      37. Lied (Song)
      38. De poort naar het pianistendom (The great gate of pianism) (4 hands)
      39. Ochtendstudie (Morning practice)
      40. Sicilienne
      41. Weg van de Klassieken (Beyond the Classics)
      42. Klacht (Complaint)
      43. Melodisch gedicht (Melodic poem)
      44. Linkhandig (Flathanded)
      45. Zonder grenzen (Open borders)
      46. Chanson triste
      47. Ostinaat (Ostinato)
      48. Altijd weer anders (Always different)
      49. Bezigheidstherapie (Busy work)
      50. Bagatel (Bagatelle)
      51. Romance
      52. Fantasie (Fantasy)
      53. Etude (Study)
      54. Confrontatie (Confrontation)
      55. Impressions de Notre Dame
      56. Petit moment musical
      57. Idylle (Idyll)
      58. De Gouden Plaat (A Golden Record)
      59. Burgermans Blues (Bourgeois blues)
      60. Hemiola
      61. Ochtendstemming (Morning)
      62. Pater Koster (Rabbi O'Reilly)
      63. Blindeman (Blindman's buff)
      64. Abschied (Farewell)

All works are recorded by Robert Nasveld in his own home studio on a Yamaha 2.27m with Marian Bolt for the four-handed parts.

Send a request to robert.nasveld@planet.nl and receive for €20 including postage and package a non-commercial CD with all the works. Or choose for transfering all 64 files for €5.