Triplum for three choirs

(1978/rev. 2013)

Triplum consists of three independent pieces for choir, entitled Consonance, While…. and Movement. They were written for the musical community of Deutschlandsberg in Austria, where they experienced their première during the Steirischer Herbst Festival in 1978.

The commission was to write three pieces for a children’s choir, a trade school choir and an academic school choir, respectively. They were each not to last longer than three minutes. There was a maximum of four available rehearsals. I added the requirement that they should all three be simultaneously performable. Such a combination is not only musically interesting, but permits different types of choir to sing together. Consonance and Movement have a sound text. The text of While…. was constructed by an RCA computer in the sixties of the past century:

“While life reached evilly through empty faces
While space flowed slowly over idle bodies
And stars flowed evilly upon vast men
No passion smiled……”

The original score, published by De Toorts, was digitalised in 2013 and is available via Donemus. A few dynamics were changed as well as the tempo.


consisting of:

Electronic Poetry uitsnede

Read the article ‘Electronic Poetry’ on page 30/31 in Electronic Age – RCA Summer 1963 Vol. 22/nr. 3 here.