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This composition was the result of my first lessons of Joep Straesser. He taught me the importance of analysis and the giving account of each chosen note. My intention was to organize tension and relaxation in a highly detailed fashion. On a microstructrural level duration of tone, amplitude and increasing/decreasing of intervals were of prime importance. On a macrostructural level the relationship between the various musically structured blocks in central. The organization of pitch was structured around short series of intervals. In respect one recognizes too many influences of Berio’s Sequenza.

First recording for radio NOS by Ingrid Deij. First public performance April 20, 1978 by Marieke Lindeman at the Utrecht Conservatory.

In the 2016 edition the music has been re-arranged into measures.

Recorded by Machiko Takahashi on Attacca CD 2011.129.