String Quartet I

(2000/rev. 2017)

Commissioned by the Foundation for the Creative Arts for the Utrecht String Quartet.

In the String Quartet I each movement deals with one or two given subjects. The first movement addresses meandering melodies and the double attack, in the second movement the grace notes are the subject. The third movement pairs movement with fifth chords and finally the fourth movement limits itself to pizzicato.

I like musical veils on a tonal base whereby one asks oneself what exactly is happening. My obsession for identical subjects sounding simultaneously–or not–comes in handy. Equivalent musical subjects intertwine, rub past each other and sniff each other out, sometimes proceeding on together.

Watch and listen to the world premiere of the revision by the Eurasia Quartet on 15 Augustus 2017 during the Orlando Festival.

  1. With an intensive longing.

2. Intensively, with a very thick sound.

3. Delicate & 4.Peacefully.

Eurasia Quartet: Nikita Akulov, Dimitri Astashka, violin; Ekaterina Degtyareva, viola; Stanislav Degtyarev, cello.

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