Hanging around


Commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst. Written for the Osiris Trio.

My music often makes high demands on the rehearsal process. Head nods and secret signals from the musicians are often necessary to master the music and reach the finish line together. In this piano trio the musicians can steal the march on each other in a rewarding manner, play tag and “carefree” “unconcernedly” enjoy their supple ensemble technique. The open and lively music begins parlando and has many changes of meter. A high level of concentration is necessary to prevent accidents in the ensemble playing.

The music is not meant to be deeply philosophical. Hanging around a motif or two, it is a perilous art, but I wanted to try it just once, to see how far I got. The musical point of departure is uncomplicated, light-footed and unpretentious. A motif of three intervals is seen from various sides as through a kaleidoscope. I keep turning things around. The locomotion is energetic. The end is sad: Hesitating, with an intense sad feeling. End of the story.

For this piece a grand piano with a third pedal is required.

Performed by the Osiris Trio.

Have a look at page twenty-two…

“If more new music was written on this level with this  great a sense of irony, classical music wouldn’t be in such a dismal state!!!”
Alan Weinstein, Kandinsky Trio.