Hanging around again


Commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst for Larissa Groeneveld.

Previous title: Display.

Nervous conversations, mourning motives, downwards dissolving suspensions, groups of three and four notes, turned upside down in a kaleidoscopic way, butterfly-like movements, echoing resonances in the piano, a “leidenschaftliche” finale, evaporating rags.

Hanging around a motif or two, it is a perilous art as base for an entire work. In my piano trio Hanging around I wanted to try it just once, to see how far I could get. And after all I am doing it once again in this work. During a composer’s lifetime musical thoughts often blend into the next piece. Hanging around again is closely related to my preceding piano trio. Therefore it might even have been named ‘Daughter of Hanging around’. A close-knit family.

First performance 3 December 2006 in the Wijngrachttheater in Kerkrade by Larissa Groeneveld and Mireille Heijltjes. For this piece a grand piano with a third pedal is required.

“Hanging around again” by Doris Hochscheid and Frans van Ruth. Recording 2013 by courtesy of the Concertzender.