Hand over Hand

Handen thuis

I wrote this collection of simple piano pieces in ascending level of difficulty together with jazz pianist Bert van den Brink while I was still giving lessons at a Music School.

I was dissatisfied with existing beginner’s books, which were focused on children rather than adult beginners. We tried for great versatility and handiness. Everything gets a chance: changes of meter, improvisations, cluster techniques, spatial notation, pieces in classical and modern style. Pupils learn to cover the whole keyboard. Thinking from middle C is avoided as much as possible.

We don’t pretend to have written a beginner’s method but more a collection that serves as a supplement to existing methods. All the pieces selected for this book were extensively tested with young and adult students.

Published by Broekmans & van Poppel.

This is a wonderful book to keep near at hand. A little girl who was having trouble reading notes was able to capture everyone’s attention at recitals. And also: the invitation to improvise: take the left hand of a song and the hand position of the right hand, and make up your own song. I’ve owned it for years! Great book to have at hand. 

Read here a review and more reactions of members of the European Piano Teachers Association.

1. Key in 1

2. Key in 2

3. Boris

4. Waltz

5. Entertainment 1

6. Passacaglia 1

7. Summer Night

8. Slow and Blue

9. Passacaglia 2

10. Bagatelle

11. Distance

12. Clash

13. Bagatelle

14. Wild mens’ dance

15. Dream

16. Musing

17. Movement

18. Sadness

19. Drive

20. Autumn

21. Twisted fingers

22. Drops

23. Time difference

24. Pedal

25. Chord

26. Lazy bones

27. Longing

28.Rustling old oaks

29. Entertainment 2

30. White note clusters

31. Life goes on

32. Sinister

33. Study

34. Homage

35. Endless night

36. Promenade

37. Song

38. The great gate to pianism

39. Morning practice

40. Sicilienne

41. Beyond the Classics

42. Complaint

43. Melodic poem

44. Flathanded

45. Open borders

46. Chanson triste

47. Ostinato

48. Always different

49. Busy work

50. Bagatelle

51. Romance

52. Fantasy

53. Study

54. Confrontation

55. Impressions de Notre-Dame

56. Petit moment musical

57. Idyll

58. A golden record

59. Bourgeois blues

60. Hemiola

61. Morning

62. Rabbi O’Reilly

63. Blindman’s buff

64. Farewell

Handen thuis