De stekker er in (Plug in)


Commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.

Shortly after the main subject electronic organ was installed by the Conservatory of Twente, I was commissioned to compose a work for 3 electronic organs. The level of teacher and students was unfortunately so poor that it never came to a performance.

  1. Plug in
  2. Shall I or shall I not
  3. Pusher
  4. Clockwork
  5. Up front
  6. Mocassin dance (Mocassindrome)
  7. Red as a lobster
  8. Dew walking
  9. Hoquetus I
  10. Biking
  11. Modern waltz
  12. Dilatation and contraction
  13. Berceuse I
  14. Lucky devil
  15. Berceuse II
  16. Hoquetus II
  17. It’s too sad
  18. Unplug