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Except the ones written for occassions all works are published by Donemus Publishing
*Published by Broekmans & van Poppel/Amsterdam

1 player

ico_videoTalking about (1977/rev. 2016), 7′
for flute

Handen thuis (Hand over Hand)(1986-1988)*
64 easy piano pieces in progressive order

Monument in c (1991), 19′
for piano

Turm und Drang (2000/rev. 2019), 9′
for carillon

Three Pieces for Piano (2002), 9′

Frozen Blues (2002), 6′
for piano

Organ Talk (2011), 15′

Open mind (2017/rev. 2019), 3′
for piano

2 players

Preparations for Coma (1974/ rev.1993), 5′
for bass clarinet and typewriter

Handen thuis (Hand over Hand)(1986-1988)*
63 easy piano pieces in progressive order

Music for after anything I (1998), 3′
Two versions:
for oboe and piano
– for B flat clarinet and piano

Hanging around again (2005), 15′
for cello and piano

Traumblätter (Dream Leaves) (2007), 16′
8 pieces for one piano four hands

3 players

De Stekker Er In (1983), 14′
a set of short pieces for three electronic organs

Hanging around(2003), 14′
for violin, cello and piano

4 players

ico_videoThree pieces for 2 pianos 8 hands (1982/rev. 2023), 15′

String Quartet I (2000/rev. 2017), 30′

5-14 players

ico_audioChamber Concerto
(1979), 13′
for fourteen instrumentalists – – 1perc – piano –

Muziek voor Miljarden (Music for the Billions) (1998/rev. 2004), 24′
for fourteen instrumentalists – – 1perc – piano –

large ensemble

Antifoon (1977), 17′
for large music-school choir and music-school orchestra


Imaginations I (1978/rev. 2022), 11′
for bass baritone and piano
Soundtext by the composer
(a version for baritone and piano is also available)

Imaginations II (1985/rev. 2023), 15′
melodrama for bass baritone and piano (and a doll)
Text by the composer

Frag’es (1983), 4′
for voice and ten accordions
Text by the composer

Miljoenen Guldens (1997), 7′
for baritone and piano
Text taken from A Culture of Change – Advies Cultuurnota 1997-2000:
Music and Music Theatre
, written by the Board of Culture.

Trois Chansons (Three songs) (2001), 7′
for baritone and piano
Texts by Robert Desnos, Pierre Reverdy and Philippe Soupault

Six Cavafy Songs (2009), 20’
for baritone and ensemble – – 2perc – piano –


Triplum (1978/rev. 2013), 10′
for three choirs
Text by RCA computer

Mijn vrouw en ik (2012/rev. 2016), 15′
for mixed chorus, accordion, harp and percussion

Mijn vrouw en ik (2012/rev. 2016), 15′
version for five and six part mixed chorus
Texts: restaurant and hotel reviews


Kollage für Anja (1974-1976), 6′
for tape

I Touch You (1978-1980), 14′
for tape

Soundscape (1981-1984), 11′
for tape

occasional works

Ten Variations on ‘Zie ginds komt de stoomboot’ in the style of ‘Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman’ by Mozart (1976)
for piano, 6′

Not for Elisa (1983)
for two pianos eight hands, 1′

Translations Lorre Lynn Trytten

Withdrawn works 

Suite (1974) for flute and piano; Vocalise (1974) for baritone and piano; Registers (1974) for piano
Adonatis (1975) for clarinet and piano; Palesta Infusion (1976) for bass clarinet and piano
I Touch You (1978-1980) for mixed choir & tape
Escran/Scherm/Skreen (1988) for soprano and piano
Arabesque ‘El Angel Agotado’ (The Exhausted Angel) (1993/’98) for baritone, piano and string quartet
Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (1981/rev.1985)