Hand over Hand review and reactions

“An album of 64 recital pieces in increasing difficulty of level 1 to around level 3-4, mixed solo pieces and duets (partly with the teacher referred to more difficult secondo parts). Although both composers are best known respectively to the avant-garde and the light music area, these are predominantly romantic oriented piano works for everyone, with some excursions to clusters. The compositions, often with playful titles, appeal strongly to the sense of color and seem to me for every classroom practice not only usable, but even to recommend “.


The members of the EPTA in response to the news that recordings of all the compositions are posted on the website:

‘Great! I have had the book for years, but use it too little. This is an inspiration. I hope these pieces will be placed on the repertoire list for the degree exams.’


‘This is a wonderful book to keep near at hand. A little girl who was having trouble reading notes was able to capture everyone’s attention at recitals. And also: the invitation to improvise: take the left hand of a song and the hand position of the right hand, and make up your own song. I’ve owned it for years! Great book to have at hand.’

‘When you are at a dead end with a student, this book has funny, exciting, sensitive pieces to make him/her enthusiastic again.’

‘How nice that this book has its day in the sun!!!’