About Robert Nasveld as interpreter of the piano music by George Crumb and recordings

……….”Lovers of new music should not fail to notice this recording”.
Category A Klassieke Vakhandel 1986

….”The skill required in manipulating thimbles, glass tumblers and chains, and in singing, whistling, groaning and shouting, is considerable, especially if the optimum effect is to be realized. Robert Nasveld performs all these extra-curricular activities with dedication—if ‘ghostly moaning’ is what Crumb asks for, ‘ghostly moaning’ is exactly what Nasveld gives him, and if you find some of his singing ‘macabre’ or ‘obscene’, trust him—it’s in the score.”
D.J.F. in Gramphone 1987

“Robert Nasveld gives an impressive and overwhelming interpretation……The sound of 
the recording is excellent.”
R.N.D. Luister April 1988

“Pianist Robert Nasveld is THE interpreter of Crumb’s ‘Makrokosmos!” 
Ralph Degens, Dagblad Trouw January 20, 1989

…”Wednesday night Crumb was interpreted matchlessly by Robert Nasveld, with utmost precision as well as cat-like suppleness. Nasveld, a composer in his own right, has once again shown his affinity with the miraculous world that Crumb unfolds for us…… Robert Nasveld interpreted Crumb excellently, without smuggling away a single note, yet full of atmosphere, bright, with full attention for the essential colours which is the power of Crumb’s music.”
Ernst Vermeulen, NRC January 19, 1989

….”This CD is a compendium of singular worth. Not only in its completeness, but also in the devoted performance by composer and pianist Robert Nasveld , who rehearsed the works during intensive meetings with George Crumb….Technically this recording leaves nothing more to be desired. As a matter of course the perspicuous explanatory text is written exclusively in English, in anticipation of the international distribution which this CD deserves.”
Kees Arntzen, Entr’acte, September 1993

.”The Dutch pianist Robert Nasveld (1955), a fervent admirer of Crumb, confirms his reputation as an ideal performer of his piano compositions on this double CD. Nasveld has, in addition to a fine ear for subtle nuance, the ‘Fingerspitzengefühl’ indispensable to hand contact with the strings….The Gnomic Variations demand the greatest skill in playing keyboard and strings at the same time, but Nasveld’s performance seems effortless. With the same deceptive ease he gives the required tension to the climax of chord clusters which form the core of Processional….The recording technicians have made possible a realistic rendering in the living room of this fascinating recital.”
Ralph Degens, Dagblad Trouw January 6, 1994

“My reference for comparison with Crumb’s Makrokosmos IV is that of Robert Nasveld on the Attacca label, 9371 and 9372. My main reason for selecting this version is
that it has always come out on top, all other recordings which I have come across long having gone by the wayside. Add to this the association Nasveld has had with
Crumb himself, something which gives his recording some status of authority. Unencumbered by Stravinsky, Nasveld, forming a duo with Jacob Bogaard, creates a
sense of organic flow between the movements which has its own structure and logic. Their recording penetrates deep within the piano, much as a well amplified performance should in a live concert. This is essential, not for creating DJ loudness, but in revealing the subtleties of the inner workings of string harmonics, plucked strings, percussive effects, preparation of strings and all kinds of neat tricks, all of which were bigger news in 1979 than they are now.”
Dominy Clements, in musicweb review on the Attacca release of Crumb’s piano works