The Great Crossing (III) (1993/1994)

Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Utrecht/ de Ysbreker Amsterdam

Focus on the period 1917-1940

1. Futurism

Ysbreker 17 October 1993; Vredenburg 18 October 1993
Daniele Lombardi, piano

-Francesco Pratella from ‘La Guerra’: La Battaglia op. 32 #2 (1913) (Dutch premiere)
-Silvio Mix (De Re) Profilo Sintetico Musicale di F.T. Marinetti (1923) (Dutch premiere)
-Aldo Giuntini Sintesi Musicale Futurista ‘LeMacchine’ (1933) (Dutch premiere)
-Giacinto Scelsi Rotative (1930) (Dutch premiere)
-George Antheil Sonata The Death of Machines (1922); Sonata Sauvage (1923) (Dutch premiere)
-Henry Cowell The Tides of Manaunaun (1912)/ Dynamic Motion (1914)/ Antinomy (1914)/ Aeolian Harp (1923)/ Sinister Resonance (1930)/ Tiger (1928)
-Leo Ornstein Suicide in an Airplane (1913) / Three Moods (1914) / A la Chinoise (1918)

2. Composers who crossed over to the United States because of the political climate (1)

5 November 1993
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra cond. by Mark Foster
Ralf Lukas, baritone

-Ernst Toch Pinocchio, a Merry Overture (1935) (Dutch premiere)
-Arnold Schoenberg Suite (1934)
-Kurt Weill Four Walt Whitman Songs (1942); Suite from the Dreigroschenoper

3. Jazz Symphony

28 November 1993
Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra cond. by Jac van Steen
Dmitri Ferschtman, cello

-Roger Sessions Suite from The Black Maskers (1923) (dedicated to Ernest Bloch) (Dutch premiere)
-Ernest Bloch Schelomo, Hebraic Phantasy (1916)
-Carl Ruggles Sun-treader (1926/’31)
-George Antheil Jazz Symphony , original version 1925 (Dutch premiere)

4. Composers who crossed over to the United States because of the political climate (2)

Ysbreker 8 December 1993; Vredenburg 12 December 1993
Raphael Quartet

-Howard Hanson String Quartet (1923) (Dutch premiere)
-Erich Korngold String Quartet #2 op. 26 in Es (1935) (Dutch premiere)
-Béla Bartòk String Quartet #6 in D (1939)

5. Broadway 1920-1940

16 &17 January 1994
Trio Lex Jasper
Elaine DelMar and Danny Street

6. Lou Harrison

4 February 1994
Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra cond. by Mark Foster
Netherlands Radio Choir
Martin Wright, choir conductor
René Eckhardt, piano

A Joyous Procession (1962) (Dutch premiere)
Piano Concerto (1985) (Dutch premiere)
A Solemn Procession (1962) (Dutch premiere)
Symphony on G (1948/’61) (Dutch premiere)

7. Pupils of Nadia Boulanger

13 February 194 Vredenburg; 14 February Ysbreker 1994
The Utrecht String Quartet

-Walter Piston String Quartet #2 (1935) (Dutch premiere)
-Quincy Porter String Quartet #3 (1930) (Dutch premiere)
-Elliott Carter String Quartet #1 (1951)

8. Jazz influences in Western Europe

19 March Ysbreker 1994; 20 March Vredenburg 1994
Frederic Rzewski, piano

-Scott Joplin Euphonic Sounds (1909)
-Darius Milhaud Trois Rag-Caprices
-Steve Lacy Precipitation Suite (Dutch premiere)
-Garrett List 3 Abas (1993) (world premiere)
-George Lewis New Piece (1993) (world premiere)
-Misja Mengelberg New Piece (1993) (world premiere)
-George Gershwin Three Preludes (1926)
-Michael Finissy 3 or 4 selections from Gershwin Arrangements (Dutch premiere)
-Igor Strawinsky Piano Rag Music (1919)
-Anthony Braxton Composition 139 (Dutch premiere)
-Erwin Schulhoff Blues (for Paul Whiteman) (Dutch premiere)
-Frederic Rzewski Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues

9. Neo-tonality in de United States versus Europe

6 May 1994
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra cond. by Mark Foster

-Michael Torke Ash (1989) (Dutch premiere)
-Giya Kancheli Abii Ne Viderem (1992) (Dutch premiere)
-Bronius Kutavicius Dzukische Variaties (1974) (Dutch premiere)
-John Adams Shaker Loops (1978)

10. Reconstruction of the first percussion concert on 7 February1943 in the Museum of Modern Art in New York

(Dutch premiere)
8 May Vredenburg 1994; 9 May 1994 Ysbreker

The Hague Percussion Group

John Cage Construction in Metal
Lou Harrison Counterdance in the Spring
Henry Cowell Ostinato Pianissimo
Lou Harrison Canticle
John Cage Imaginary Landscape #3
Jose Ardévol Preludio a 11
John Cage Amores
Amadeo Roldín Ritmicas V & VI

11. Netherlands Radio Metropole Orchestra cond. by John McGlinn

3 June 1994
Elisabeth Futral, soprano
John Hancock, baritone

-Victor Herbert Yolanda Overture (Dutch premiere); Columbus Suite op. 35 (1899/1902) (Dutch premiere)
-Jerome Kern They Didn’t Believe Me (The Girl From Utah – 1914); The Song Is You (Music in the Air – 1932); In the Heart of the Dark (Very Warm For May – 1939); The Folks Who Live On the Hill (High, Wide and Handsome – 1936 ) I’m the Echo (I Dream Too Much (1935)
-Cole Porter/ Within the Quota (1923) (Dutch premiere)
-Charles Koechlin
-Jerome Kern Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Roberta – 1933); The Way You Look Tonight (Swing Time – 1937); Go, Little Boat (Miss 1917-1917); The Last Time I Saw Paris (1940); A ll the Things You Are (Very Warm For May – 1939)