The Great Crossing (II) (1992/1993)

Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Utrecht/ De Ysbreker Amsterdam

Focus on the period until 1917.

1. Yvar Mikhashoff, piano

18 September 1992, Ysbreker

-Edward MacDowell Sonata #3 op. 57 in d (Nordic)
-James Sellars Three Nocturnes (1982) (Dutch premiere)
-Aaron Copland Three Sonnets (1918-1920)
-Paul Bowles Sonatina Fragmentaria (1932) (Dutch premiere)
-Edvard Grieg Klokkeklang
-Percy Grainger In Daghomey (1906)
-David Lang Spartan Arcs (1992) (world premiere)
-Samuel Barber Sonate (1950)

2. Rachel Ann Morgan, mezzo soprano and Rudolf Jansen, piano

7 November 1992 Ysbreker

-Samuel Barber Hermit Songs op. 29 (1953)
-Vincent Persichetti Emily Dickenson Songs op. 77 (1958) (Dutch premiere)
-George Chadwick uit A Flower Cycle, 12 Songs to poems by Arlo Bates (1892) (Dutch premiere)
-Ned Rorem Poems of Love and the Rain (1963) (Dutch premiere)

3. Raphaël Quartet and Frank van de Laar, piano

9 December 1992 Ysbreker

-Samuel Barber String Quartet op. 11 (1936)
-George Chadwick Piano Quintet (1889) (Dutch premiere)
-Antonin Dvorak String Quartet op. 96 in F “American” (1893)

4. Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra cond. by Lukas Foss

7 January 1993, Vredenburg
Stephen Gosling, piano

-Lukas Foss American Fanfare (1990) (Dutch premiere)
-Joep Franssens Taking the waters (version 1992) (world premiere)
-Paul Schoenfield Four Parables (1983) (Dutch premiere)
-John Adams El Dorado (1991) (Dutch premiere)

5. Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra cond. by Hans Vonk

15 January 1993, Vredenburg
Marco Rizzi, violin

-Horatio Parker A Northern Ballad op. 46 (1899) (Dutch premiere)
-Samuel Barber Violin Concerto op. 14 (1940)
-Amy Beach Symphony in e (Gaelic) op. 32 (1894) (Dutch premiere)

6. Osiris Trio

Ysbreker 18 February 1993; Vredenburg 21 February 1993

-Aaron Copland Vitebsk, Study on a Jewish theme (1929)
-Wallingford Riegger Trio (1933) (Dutch premiere)
-John Knowles Paine Larghetto & Humoreske op. 32 (Dutch premiere)
-Henry Cowell uit Trio in Nine Movements (1964) I. Largo tenuto IV. Allegro VI. Allegro VIII. Adagio cantabile IX. Allegro assai (Dutch premiere)
-Martin Bresnick Trio (1988) (Dutch premiere)

7. Wa-Wann Press Indians

Ysbreker 21 March 1993; Vredenburg 7 March 1993
Ralf Lukas, baritone
James Alexander, piano

-Arthur Farwell Three Indian Songs op. 32 (1908) (Dutch premiere)
-Charles Cadman Idealized Indian Themes op. 54 for piano (Dutch premiere)
-Charles Cadman Four American Indian Songs op. 45 (1909) (Dutch premiere)
-Preston Ware Orem American Indian Rhapsody (on themes recorded and suggested in 1919 by Thurlow Lieurance) for piano (Dutch premiere)
-Berta Frensel Wegener Impressions of Native Songs of the Red Indians of Arizona (1926)
-Zoltan Kodàly A virágok vetélkedése (In the field);Szabó Erszi (Poor little Elisabeth); A búbánat keserüsèg (Bitterness and sadness); Elmenyek, elmenyek (Far away); Ludaim, lúdaim (My little goose)
-Aaron Copland Old American Songs II (1952)

8. Mondriaan Quartet

Ysbreker 27 April 1993; Vredenburg 25 April 1993
Harmen de Boer, clarinet
Fred Oldenburg, piano

-George Antheil String Quartett #3 (1948)
-Charles Ives Halloween (1907)/ Largo Risoluto I (1908)/ Celestial County / Scherzo/ Innate (1908)(Adagio cantabile)/In Re Cum Moto Et Al (1913)
-Roy Harris Concerto for piano, clarinet and string quartet(1927) (Dutch premiere)

9.  ‘Miss Jane’s Parlor, Buffalo, NY 1909’

Miss Jane will sing a selection of parlor gems chosen from among her very favorite melodies

2 May 1993 Vredenburg
(Dutch premiere)
Jane Romanos, sopraan
Yvar Mikhashoff, piano

-Amy Beach The Year’s at the Spring
-Sigmund Romberg Will You Remember
-Charles W. Cadman From the Land of Sky-Blue Water
-Harry von Tilzer A Bird in a Gilded Cage
-Victor Herbert Always Do As People Say You Should
-Coleman: Father, Dear Father Come Home
-Louis M. Gottschalk The Last Hope
-Victor Herbert If I Were on the Stage
-Gus Edwards I’m After Madame Tetrazzini’s Job
-John Stromberg Come Down Ma Evenin’ Star
-Victor Herbert The Italian Street Song
-Chas. K. Harris After the Ball

10. Radio Kamer Orkest cond. by Heinrich Schiff

28 May 1993
Machiko Takahashi, flute

-Bernard Rands Madrigali (after Monteverdi/Berio) (1977) (Dutch premiere)
-Joseph Schwantner A Play of Shadows (1990) (Dutch premiere)
-Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings (1936)
-Aaron Copland Short Symphony (#2) (1933)