Music in Her(t)z (I) (1998/1999)

Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Utrecht

1. Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mark Foster

11 April 1999
Frank Peters, piano

-Arne Nordheim Epitaffio (1963/1978) orchestra & tape (Dutch premiere)
-Alfred Schnittke Concerto for piano and string players (1979)
-Alan Hovhaness And God Created Great Whales op. 229 no. 1 (1970) orchestra & tape (Dutch premiere)
-Ton Bruynèl/Ad Wammes Cours de Nuages (1998) string players & tape, (World premiere)

2. ‘The best of Harry Sparnaay’

18 April 1999
Harry Sparnaay, bass clarinet
Polo de Haas, piano

-Enrique Raxach Chimaera (1974)
-Lucien Goethals Fusion (1975)
-Wayne Siegel Jackdaw (1995)
-Ton de Leeuw Mountains (1977)
-Frank Denyer A Book of Songs IV (1974)
-Ton Bruynèl Looking Ears (1972)

3. Capricorn

9 May 1999
Nicholas Isherwood, bass
Gerard Pape, technics

-Giacinto Scelsi 8 Canti di Capricorni (Dutch premiere)
-Karlheinz Stockhausen Capricorn (1975/1977) (Dutch premiere)

4.Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra conducted by Peter Eötvös

21 May 1999
Elizabeth Laurence, alt

-Kaija Saariaho Verblendungen (1984) orchestra & tape (Dutch premiere)
-Karlheinz Stockhausen Three Songs (1951)
-Heiner Goebbels Industry and Idleness (1996) (Dutch premiere)
-Ton Bruynèl Translucent (1978) strings & tape