Holland Festival 2011 Dances of ascents

June 10 Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

Dances of ascents

A.Ensemble Diabolus in Musica cond. by Antoine Guerber; Erik Bosgraaf, recorders 

As one composition without interruption
Roderik de Man: Plainte for soprano recorder & soundtracks (world premiere)
Jacob Obrecht: Missa Sicut spina rosam – Kyrie – Gloria – Credo
Liza Lim: Weaver-of-fictions (2007) for  Ganassi recorder (Dutch premiere)
Jacob Obrecht: Sanctus (and Missa Sicut spina rosam) – Agnus


B.Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic cond. by Martyn Brabbins

Oleg Malov, keyboards 

Alexander Knaifel Bridge ‘Dances of ascents’  (2008) for polyclavier and three orchestras
(commission NTR, world premiere)