Hanging Around

Attacca 21012

“Hanging around” for piano trio; “Traumblätter” for piano 4 hands; “Three Songs” for baritone and piano; “Three pieces” and “Frozen blues” for piano; “Cavafy Songs” for baritone and ensemble. Read more here.

Music for after Anything

Attacca 0191/92

“Preparations for Coma” for bass clarinet and typewriter, “Imaginations I” for baritone and piano, “I Touch You” and “Soundscape’ for soundtracks; “Three pieces” for 2 pianos 8 hands; “Triplum” for choir; “Monument” for piano; “String Quartet nr. 1”, “Music for the Billions” for ensemble of 14 players. Read more here.

George Crumb Complete works for piano (AD 1993)

Attacca 9371/72 sold out

Robert Nasveld and Jacob Bogaart, piano. Read more here.

Robert Nasveld, Jacob Bogaart piano

Attacca 8740-3 sold out

George Crumb “Processional”, “A Little Suite” for piano; “Makrokosmos IV” (“Celestial Mechanics”) for piano 4 hands.

The art of Dutch Keyboard Music

Robert Nasveld “Intimate Integration” and “Rent-a-Dance”. ‘The art of Dutch Keyboard Music‘. Jacob Bogaart, piano.

New piano trios from The Netherlands

NM 92132 sold out

Robert Nasveld “Hanging around”. Osiris Trio.  

Dutch Pianists’ Quartet

Attacca 9481

Robert Nasveld “Three Pieces” for two piano’s eight hands” and compositions by Maurice Ravel, Ton Bruynèl, Graham Fitkin, François-Bernard Mâche. Listen here.

Dutch Pianists' Quartet Photo © Marco Borggreve

Music for Flutes

Attacca 2011.129

Robert Nasveld “Talking about”. Machiko Takahashi, flute.

Twenty Years of New Blues for Piano

Zefir 9650-2

Robert Nasveld “Frozen Blues”. Marcel Worms, piano.

A Can of Blues

Vermes Records 0401

Robert Nasveld “Frozen Blues”. Marcel Worms, piano.

Fifty Years International Gaudeamus Music Week

Donemus Composers’ Voice CV 45/46 ‘’ sold out

Robert Nasveld “Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra”. Residentie Orchestra cond. by Lucas Vis; Ellen Corver and Sepp Grotenhuis, piano. 

Looking Ears 1

Composers’ Voice Near CD 9214 sold out

Ton Bruynèl “Toccare” for piano and soundtracks. Robert Nasveld, piano.  

Looking ears 3

Composers’ Voice CD-Near 01 sold out

Ton Bruynèl “Brouillard” for piano and soundtracks. Robert Nasveld, piano.

Looking Ears complete


Box Ton Bruynèl ‘’ with a.o. “Toccare”, “Brouillard” for piano and soundtracks; “Rain” for 2 pianos 8 hands and sounds. Robert Nasveld, piano; Dutch Pianists’ Quartet.

Ladder of Escape 10 ‘Harpsichord – Annelie de Man’

Attacca 28120

a.o. Louis Andriessen “Double Track”. Annelie de Man, cembalo; Jolanda de Heus, percussion; Marian Bolt, celesta; Robert Nasveld, piano.

Robert Nasveld

Attacca 8311 -1 LP sold out

Robert Nasveld “Imaginations I”, “Talking About”, “Triplum”, “I Touch You”.

George Crumb Makrokosmos 1 and 2 for amplified piano

Attacca 8528-3 LP sold out

Robert Nasveld, piano.